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Companies Support Packages For COVID-19

Due to the recent coronavirus, many companies from the Banking & Insurance sectors are coming up with incentives and support packages to provide more assistance and aid to tie over this slow economic period.

A Summary of the various companies and benefits are shown below:

Apart from the listed companies, other companies such as Great Eastern, Prudential and DBS have also launched their various support packages.

Great Eastern

Launched a S$1 million customer care fund to help any policyholders and their immediate families who are hospitalised due to COVID-19.

Benefits of the Customer Care Fund are:

For more information, please visit


Commits $1.5 million to help SMEs and Individuals affected by COVID-19.

Financial Assistance for the individuals:

  • Customers and their immediate family members who are served with Quarantine Orders (QO) a one-time $500 cash benefit.

  • Individual customers and their immediate family members who are hospitalised for COVID-19 will receive a $200 daily hospitalisation allowance, for up to three months of hospitalisation.

*These benefits are applicalbe to COVID-19 cases that emerge during the period of 23 Janurary to 30 June 2020.

*For more information, please visit


Complimentary Insurance Coverage benefits:

  • Covers all DBS/POSB customers and their immediate family members (each person can only be covered under 1 policy)

  • S$100 per day for hospital stays due to COVID-19 (up to 14 days)

  • S$1,000 lump sum payout in the event of ICU stay due to COVID-19

For more information, please visit

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