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How To Stay Positive During Circuit Breaker

During this Circuit breaker -- staying at home for 1 month might seem scary or boring, and some unhappy or negative thoughts might pop into your brain. But fret not, here are some tips on how to KEEP CALM and STAY POSITIVE.

Despite the tips and tricks, it is very important that we ourselves have to be conscious on what our thoughts are and keep our mind in check -- a healthy mind leads to a healthy life!

Some extra tips would be to:

1. Improve your skills and knowledge -- pick up a new skill or learn something you have always wanted to but have no time to do it!

2. Set up a exercise regime! Who says that you can't exercise at home? Don't give yourself excuses! HIIT workouts are great challenging and high intensity workout for you to challenge yourself!

3. Read a BOOK! How long has it been since you've picked up a book? Take this time to sit back, relax and read a good book that might even increase your knowledge!

4. Catch up with FAMILY. Spend some quality family time during this period where everyone is FINALLY AT HOME. There is no excuse to not spend more time and interact and bond with your family during this period! Play some family bonding card games or board games. Mahjong might even be a good option!

5. Walk your pets / spend more time with out little fluffy friends!!! These little ones are like family and they definitely need our much needed attention and time and finally we are able to stay at home and spend time with them. Look who's the happiest now?

Most importantly during this circuit breaker period, stay home and stay safe!

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