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New year New me -- Healthier and Wealthier 2021

We are just days in fact hours away from a whole new year -- 2021!

2020 might be the year where we feel stagnant, lost, anxious and lots of other hidden emotions due to the covid 19 crisis. However, fret not, with proper planning, we are better able to predict and manage our 2021!

Things to do before 2021:


often we are really busy in and out that we forgot to sit down and do the most simple thing -- reflect! It is crucial to take a moment to sit down and be in the present and go through what went right / wrong in 2020. This moment of reflection allows us to understand more deeply about ourselves and discover insights never before!

2. Make your new year resolution

New year new me - new new year resolution!

Despite meeting / not meeting your 2020 resolution, it is best to list down a fresh set of resolution as new year feels like starting over! Start to sit down and create a SMART new year resolution in order to feel fulfilled in 2021.

3.Set goals and expectations

Life without goals will be like floating around aimlessly with no purpose. Figure out what is your purpose in life -- what is your passion, what do you want to achieve and what do you really want? Sit down and start listing down your goals and expectations of yourself in 2021.

4.Make a plan

People often say, if you fail to plan, plan to fail. Hence, planning is crucial to every success. Start to sit down and make a feasible plan on how you will reach your goals earlier by setting SMART objectives and steps.

5.Keep yourself accountable

What is a goal if you only wrote it down yet didn't fulfil any?

Hence it is important to hold yourself accountable by either sharing your goals with someone so that they can check in and keep you in track. Also, you will feel a sense of acountablilty after telling someone about your goals and will be most likely to work hard to fulfil it.


We hope that these 5 checklist will help you to kickstart your 2021 and start the year right!

We wish you a happy new year in advanced and cheers to a better 2021 ahead!

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