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On Your Way To Save Your First 100k!

Everyone knows how easy is it to spend money but how hard it is to save money. To be able to save your first 100k is doable but might be tedious if you do not save the SMART way! So what is the SMART way?

1. Follow the 20:80 Rule!

Have you heard of the 20:80 rule? What is it about?

The 20:80 rule is basically saving 20% of your salary and portioning the remaining 80% as your expenses. Hence, the 20% is a sum where you do not utilise unless in crucial or emergency situations.

2. Start your wealth accumulation plan!

With all that 20% of your salary saved up, we do not want to sit our money in the bank and let the interest or inflation erode. We want to be able to let our money work for us instead!

Hence, getting an endowment plan would definitely be a better and popular alternative. Genrally, most endowment plans generate higher interest rates than banks. Today, there are many different kinds of endowment plans with different payout or paying structure. Start your first wealth accumulation plan and earn your first pot of gold!

3. Invest

Invest -- is a scary word for most people. Due to the risk and uncertainty the word carry. However, why do you see millionaires and billionaires having their occupation as mostly investers? They invest in the right things!

Of course, we are not recommending that you go all out for a start. To start off to invest, you should have vast knowledge before investing in riskier options. If you do not wish to invest in high risk options, you can opt to buy bonds or shares from stable companies. Investments reaps higher returns than endowment plan and that is why people often say "No risk no reward" or "High risk high reward" for investments. Are you excited to get your first pot of gold? Start investing now!

To sum up,

100k is not a huge or small amount and everyone views 100k differently. However, everyone has the same priviledge to make a decision and start today! Start earlier and get your 100k earlier! Following steps 1-3 is a high chance of ensuring you achieve your first 100k. What are you waiting for? Start now!

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