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Smart Millennials Series #1: Auspiscious Timing to deposit money on Li Chun 2021

Li Chun (立春) is the first festival of the Chinese solar year and falls on either the third, fourth or fifth of February. Known as “the Beginning of Spring”, it is the start of a new Chinese solar year when we are revitalized and look forward to a fresh beginning.

Additionally, egg balancing is practiced in many countries during Li Chun whereby an egg is balanced upright on a flat surface. This act is possible because of the alignment of moon and sun on this day, altering Earth’s gravitational field.

In recent years, it is believed that depositing money during Li Chun symbolises steady income throughout the year. Many choose auspicious timings throughout the day to deposit money based on their own zodiac sign. This has evolved to modern practices of depositing money online.

Check your zodiac signs against orange "huat" or pineapple "extra huat" and start depositing and accumulating wealth and good luck!

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