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Smart Millennials Series #5: Spend or Save for CNY

#Team Save

1. Invest on Angpow Money

For first time investors or people who do not want to risk huge capital, there are robo-advisory investment platforms such as Stashaway and Syfe which is regulated by MAS. It does not require huge capital and allows flexible withdrawing periods.

2. Invest on Retirement plan

What better to invest in than YOURSELF. Invest your money on a retirement plan starting from new year and you will reap the benefits in a later date.

3. Property

Due to covid, some may not travel and have excess cash. What better way to acquire another property? A property is an asset and generates passive income!

#Team Spend

With all that extra cash, it is finally time to get that dream bag, watch that you have always been eyeing for! It's cny, once in a year time to reward yourself before the start of a new year!

Which team are you on, spend or save?

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