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Tips to ensure that you fulfil your goals before 2020 ends!

2020 is coming to an end soon!

This year has been an eventful year, with coronavirus taking up the majority of our year.

We are almost finishing up for this year, have you been in check with your goals?

Here are some tips to ensure that you end the year with a bang and fulfil what you have set out to do!

1. Start Saving Smart

Most of us wants to own our first property or even our own car. We set our goals as early as January but how do we achieve our goals the smarter way?

We are busy saving up our earnings the traditional way but what if we are able to save smart and reach our goals at double the pace?

Savings in a normal bank account may not be the smarter option as bank interest are relatively low and we haven't take into account of inflation yet. Hence, a smarter option would be to invest or even if you do not have a risk appetite -- take up a savings plan!

Why savings plan?

Savings plan yield higher interest as compared to banks and are relatively safer compared to investments.

2. Catch up on current affairs

With the current coronavirus, lots of things are happening in the world, lots of changes. Hence it is crucial to keep an eagle eye on the latest happenings and updates so that we can take advantage of the situation if opportunity arises.

For instances, stock market are really volatile right now and for those of you risk takers -- it may be best to enter low and exit high! Do be invested and keep an open mind and invest wisely as no one knows what is going to happen to the market tomorrow!

3. Stay positive!

We know that times may be hard right now and it may be daunting on the job market / economy. However, maintain a positive spirit as you will attract better and life will never be always down.

For those of you who are looking for jobs, fret not as our government has came up with lots of initiatives to help Singaporeans to tide over this tough period. Also, unemployed can take this as a chance of a "short break" to enhance their skills, learn new hobby or even explore different career options! There is always opportunities in every situation. Keep your eyes open!

4. Keep yourself accountable

Have you ever wondered why do people often write down their new years resolution? Because it is to ensure that we keep ourselves accountable by remembering what we want to achieve and often, we will want to share with others our goals as well so that they will hold us accountable as well. But most importantly, this is your life and hence, you should ensure that you set mini goals and milestones to celebrate your little achievements in life and also to motivate you to reach your bigger goals!

5. Set SMART goals

S - Specific

M - measurable

A - achievable

R - realistic

T - Time frame

This is to ensure that your goal is achievable, realistic and you are able to track and measure your goal, every little baby steps count. And a journey with a thousand miles often begins with a simple step!

We hoped that with the remaining 1 month plus of 2020, you will strive hard and make the most out of it!

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